Not That There's Anything Wrong With That!

At Sunday School today, I'm assuming that the Pre-K class must have been covering the topic of "family." When I went to pick up my kid after the service, she handed me this family picture she had created from cut-outs. This is our family. A is represented by an adorable little girl holding a teddy bear (and she does carry a bear everywhere!) Her father and I are represented . . . ah, let's see. We both, um, have breasts.

I guess I'll just leave it at that.


Mary said…
LOL!! Did Patrick you know.... go to the other side??;)
Sam said…
I love it!!!

Nothing wrong with that indeed...

You all must go to a pretty great church!
Melinda said…
Tag! Now, here's what you do. Read my latest blog, then post a blog of your own with your own answers to the questions and tag four more people.
Jen said…
That's great! She must have seen a picture of our family...hee hee :)

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