I'm off like a prom dress

I'm going to slave over a hot PC for five hours at work today, and then head out for the weekend. I'm joining five of my friends for a ladies' weekend up north (calling us "ladies" is a bit of a stretch, but work with me here). We are staying at a resort, three to a suite. We don't have any specific plans other than drinking, eating, shopping, and whirlpooling. Needless to say, I will NOT be weighing in at Weight Watchers this week.

P says he will work on housebreaking the kid while I am gone this weekend. If he pulls it off, I will certainly give him full credit. He has more patience than I do so who knows, maybe he *is* the man for the job. We have made some progress this week. She wore her Dora panties quite a bit each evening without soiling them (the panties or the evenings). I bought her some Little Mermaid underwear as an incentive, too (don't get me started on one of my anti-Disney tirades again!). So far nothing seems to be incentive enough, though. She is such a manipulative little cuss that she's already figured out ways to get everything she wants, so there is not much left. Plus, you have to admit that peeing where you stand, no matter where you are, is pretty darned convenient. It must be hard to give that up.


My daughter is a month older and we're having the same types of issues. She gets it, she's just not that interested. And candy doesn't work (because delayed gratification doesn't work, so we can't tell her about the candy, so she doesn't have any reason to go...) Putting the potty in front of the TV seems to be the only things that work so far. I hate that.

Anyway, good luck! If you figure out the secret, let us know...
Alabaster Mom said…
See, I hadn't thought of moving the potty at all, so no doubt you're a step ahead of me regardless. My only other potty training plan/idea was to stop giving her food and water altogether, but I think the child welfare people frown on that.
Anonymous said…
So ya you totally crack me up with your entries! Owen likes to pee where he stands as well, I tried the potty in front of the tv, didn't work. He picked up the potty and said, no potty tv, potty in bathroom. Oh yes and he loves to squat when he poops as well, AND he'll tell you that he pooped even if he just peed. Seriously what's up with these kids? And you aren't the only one with a master manipulator, Owen has everything as well, and yes Disney is a wretched wretched store, everytime we go in we come out with something..... now we're onto the Doggie Movie aka 101 Dalmations, I am sure this kid will be asking for a stuffed dalmation soon enough...... I think A and Owen need to meet up, errr maybe not, they might trade secrets of the trade.

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