Dear Future Boy Who Dates My Daughter,

Dear slack-jawed teenager who will someday slouch up to my front door to pick up my daughter,

You probably like my daughter because she is pretty and smart and funny. She is outgoing, a life-of-the-party sort of girl. When you pick her up she is probably wearing an outfit that cost me about a week's pay. However, at the age of almost three, this is what she wore:

Yes, those are black socks. And a dark purple sweater from H&M. And a leotard and tutu that her Meemaw sent her. The tutu has roses inside it, which she loves. If you look closely, the sweater has some icing smeared across the front (from a Dora the Explorer cookie that she had eaten earlier).

So yes, in addition to taking well over 1,000 photos of A since her birth, I am also collecting a few "first date" photos just to keep her humble.

So anyway, have a nice time with my daughter. Her dad and I will be sitting right behind you at the movie theater, but don't mind us.


Audreee said…
Wow. She sure looks "fancy".
Poosha Kasha said…
She's a fashion-plate just like her Meemaw. Watch your mail for a purple tutu and a white leotard with flowers and glittery, poofy sleeves. Maybe this will give the pink leotard a rest, or she may want to wear them both at the same time.

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