He's a pooper, she's a pooper, wouldn't you like to be a pooper, too?

It finally happened. She pooped. In the potty.

We've had some pretty big breakthroughs in the housebreaking department this weekend. What seemed to trigger this progress was that I moved her potty into the living room, which I never wanted to do. However, when the kid is watching Max & Ruby and the potty is right there in front of her, she just seems more inclined to use it.

She didn't poop for a couple of days and I was getting nervous. I tried to praise her for peeing and not place too much emphasis on the solid output. I've heard of kids freaking out from the stress and then holding it FOR DAYS. So, I didn't want that to happen. But, she pinched a loaf in her little potty . . . and she did it of her own free will.

A spent most of the weekend wearing princess panties, which was a big deal, of course. There have been a few accidents, needless to say. She peed on the couch earlier (and she pulled this off even with me saying "Do you need to go potty?" every 2.8 seconds). To my friends who visit . . . beware of the cushion on the right.

Earlier she thought she had to poop, so she hiked up her dress, sat on her potty . . . and farted. I explained that sometimes it feels like you have to do one thing when really you need to do another thing. Totally unfazed, she hopped up, pulled out the plastic bowl that attaches to the bottom of the potty, and skipped off to the bathroom to flush her fart.


Audreee said…
Hooray for A! Hooray for A! Aunt Craggy is so proud.
Anonymous said…
Good job! I have come SO close to putting the potty in the living room so Allie can sit in it while watching Tigger and Pooh!

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