One month back at the ol' dub-dub

I've been back at Weight Watchers for one month. I've attended five meetings in a row. My plan is to attend a meeting every week until I leave for vacation in July. So far, so good. I had a good week last week. I bought a new cookbook and am trying out some new recipes. I've also been working out more than usual. My motivation is pretty simple: I just want to fit into some shit this summer. Also, the kid and I are running/jogging/walking a 5K in May. We may also run/jog/walk a 10K in June.

I've lost nine pounds this month. No, don't congratulate me. I've lost and gained these pounds a hundred thousand times. Being in a losing mode is much better than the alternative, though. That much is true.

Lately I've also been watching "My 600-lb Life."  Have you seen that show? It's hard to watch, for several reasons. One is that it's like seeing a ghost. For anyone who has struggled with weight, you can almost convince yourself that if you have dessert, even just once, the next step is full-on immobility. Another reason is that the subject of the episode typically seems to have very little insight into his/her situation. I remember one episode where the woman was put in the hospital so that the weight loss surgeon could monitor her diet closely. Her family continued to smuggle food into the hospital. She was surrounded by white paper bags from fast food joints and yet she was still saying, "I have no idea why I'm not losing."

I can almost see how people get to that bad place, though. You gain a few pounds and start buying stretchy pants. You make a few bad decisions and then it just sort of snowballs from there. 

All I can do is keep on keepin' on.

Just slightly less fat than I was last month.


The Lovely One said…
Good for you! I have not been in a losing mode lately, and I am paying for it now! Hopefully I get motivated soon, or else I'll have to buy a whole new wardrobe because nothing will fit!

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