Let's try this again

I dragged my sorry ass back to Weight Watchers on Saturday. It was a bit daunting, but my leader (who is also a friend) welcomed me with open arms. Literally. I lub her. So, I'm back to tracking and am trying to, once again, reduce the width of my self-destructive streak.

Last week, I completely botched two vegan recipes. One was a pasta recipe and the other was vegetable soup. Normally, I'm a halfway decent cook but I got too adventurous and made some mistakes. However, I also made vegan chocolate chip cookies last week and I must say . . . they were spectacular. I've perfected them, man. I don't know what it says about me, though. Instead of learning to live without baked goods when I went vegan, I promptly found a workaround. I also know how to make vegan brownies and several varieties of cookies. That tells just you how determined I really am. As a vegan, the list of stuff I can't/won't eat is pretty long. I also have a food allergy (flax) so that knocks more items off the menu. And yet, I manage to overeat and to be overweight. I must be pretty determined.

In other news, my roller skates came today. My sisters gave me gift cards from Dick's Sporting Goods for my birthday so I ordered my skates last week.  My new skates (the old-school white kind) are so uncool they don't even sell them in the store. I drove over there and they only had roller blades. So, I drove home and ordered them online. I don't care what anyone says. I shall wear them with pride.

Check this out, though. The manufacturer is prohibiting me from dangerous and aggressive stunts. I can't do jumps or ride rails. This is an infringement upon my civil liberties. This is 'murica, dammit.


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