A whole new world

My other half got a bonus at work. Once taxes and his 401k contributions were deducted, it wasn't a huge amount. However, it was enough for a brand spanking new TV. He asked me to do some research first. My main method of doing research was to ask my co-worker Suzi what TV we should buy. She pointed me in the right direction - name brand, smart TV, 1080 resolution. Doing the research ahead of time was helpful because when we went to Best Buy on Tuesday night, we were in and out in less than five minutes. We bought a Samsung 50-inch Smart TV.

We ran into one snag after the purchase which is that we couldn't fit our daughter and the TV in the back of my car. We thought about leaving her at Best Buy but I guess the law frowns on that sort of thing. So, she briefly had to sit in the front seat with her dad on the way home. I took the back roads home lest a friendly police officer might see us. When we got home, P managed to set up the TV in the living room with minimal cussing. The old TV (32-inch flat screen) got moved into the bedroom and then the really old TV from the bedroom was moved into the basement, where I imagine it will stay until our daughter moves us into an assisted living facility of some sort.  The old TV from the bedroom was a lot of fun to watch - you had to smack it on its side at least three times until it had a chance to warm up. We'd had that one since our dating days so I think it had served honorably for as long as it could.

The next thing we did was to switch our Netflix account to streaming-only. As you may recall, a few years ago, Netflix caused a big headache for everyone by attempting to separate its DVDs and streaming services into separate companies. This apparently enraged my husband and, to punish Netflix, he downgraded our membership to the two-DVD plan with no streaming. Netflix has a lot more stuff available for streaming these days, so I was able to convince him to ditch the DVDs and go for streaming-only.  The good news is that I can now watch all that stuff on my Kindle at the gym, too. I'm currently getting into "Orange is the New Black."  My sister told me to watch "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" so I've started watching that as well.

I haven't really been able to get near the new TV because my husband is obsessively playing a game called Diablo. I just walk by periodically and mock the game. Because really, what are wives for?

He's at work this evening so I did get to play with the new toy a bit. And, excuse me, but have you seen Tom the builder on Restaurant Impossible? Oh myyyyy.

Behold the glory!


The Lovely One said…
Love Tom the Builder.... or really any builder, for that matter. Yummy!
Brian Hopkins said…
Good thing you decided to do a little research before pinpointing the ideal TV for the family to use. It's also good that you were able to snag the perfect one so quickly. Also, if your husband is playing Diablo 3, then I genuinely hope he is enjoying it. I heard new awesome sets for the barbarian, demon hunter and wizard have been added to the game. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that! Enjoy your new TV! :)

Brian Hopkins @ Microtips USA

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