What eez it, man?

[Bonus points for those who recognized that as a Ren & Stimpy quote.]

A couple of people have asked me about the doll with the green thing on her head. Believe me, it is bugging me, too. You have no idea. The more A talks about it, the more I think she is truly expecting this doll under the tree on Christmas morn.

I have quizzed her repeatedly about the mystery figurine. The level of detail she provides makes me think that she did, indeed, spot the doll somewhere. The description I get from her: "she has brown hair and a green crown on her head and a green dress on her body. And she's in a box." I have tried asking for the doll's name. "Um, Alexa?" she usually replies. I can tell she doesn't know. There is an Alexa doll in existence, which is from that blasted "Princess and the Diamond Castle" movie. Alexa does not wear green; her dress is purple and blue.

I have tried Googling "doll with green crown" and "green dress doll" and had no luck. I've spent more time on Amazon than I'd care to admit, perusing the doll selection page by page (hundreds of dolls, no lie). I think my last option will be to take her to Target and try to figure out if that's where she saw the doll. The thing is, I'm such a mean mom that I don't usually let her look at the toys when we're at the store. If I've let her do it at all, though, it was probably at Target. Toy department = guaranteed meltdown. That's why I avoid it. But, maybe the doll with the green thing on her head truly is sitting forlornly on a shelf there. If so, I can "let Santa know where he can find it."

Does my daughter not know that Santa Claus is not psychic????

Speaking of shopping, I am giving some serious thought to venturing out on Black Friday this year. Normally, I am out of town for Thanksgiving so shopping isn't an option (because I'd have no way to bring stuff back with me). This year, the budget is a little tight so if I can save some money by getting up when it's still dark out, so be it. My sister-in-law told me she was actually injured by Black Friday crowds one year, so that put a bit of a scare into me.

I'm not planning to be too ambitious with this particular endeavor. I may hit one or two stores and then call it a day. Who knows, maybe it will be fun. And you know I do love a good bargain.

In other news, my child fell in the toilet at school yesterday. She goes to Kindercare in the mornings and 4K at the elementary school in the afternoons. Her dad drives her to the school and then I pick her up from there. When I arrived yesterday afternoon, some little kid wearing pink highwater pants started running towards me. My daughter only wears dresses (per her own edict). "I fell in the toilet!" she yelled. Apparently she hadn't noticed that the seat was up. I am supposed to leave a spare outfit there for her and I did - a year and a half ago. So she was wearing a summer top that was a size too small and a pair of some other kid's pink velour pants. I don't know if the pants were from the lost and found or what the scoop was. The funny thing was that it had crossed my mind in recent weeks to replace that spare outfit with one that might actually fit. But I kept thinking, "She hasn't needed the spare in all this time, so . . . . no rush."

Needless to say, last night was bath night.


Unknown said…
Is it something she could have seen at school? I know both my kiddos come home wanting something a friend had at school, or something they were playing with. Maybe a teacher might have an idea? Just a thought. Good luck.
Nicole said…
I just saw a commercial for the Princess and the Frog movie and she was wearing green. Check this out http://www.amazon.com/Disney-Princess-Frog-Tiana-Doll/dp/B0029LHXI0
aliciajill said…
I'm going to vote Princess and the Frog also. b is so psyched about it and she has a green dress and crown. And that would be just your luck cause she was on sale last week at target for $8......
Steph K said…
My vote is also for the Princess and the Frog.
Selena said…
I was coming here to vote for the Princess and the Frog girl, too, and see that others have beat me to it. So is that it? Don't leave us hanging! :)
Alabaster Mom said…
Sorry, ladies. I don't think that's it. Although the movie hasn't come out yet, she has the "Princess and the Frog" game for her Leapster and plays it all the time. She's had it for a month now, so she is familiar with the characters. If she wanted the Tiana doll, I think she would have referenced it by name or at least mentioned the Princess and the Frog. Also, she created a wish list on Amazon and when she saw the Tiana doll she didn't say "That's the one."

Sorry to kick sand on all this good detective work.
Audreee said…
I have no clues about the dang doll.
What eez it man comes from "Ren and Stimpy"
On that note...I would love to know where my farting Ren doll is. If Pops has it on e-bay, I will be super unhappy.
Jodi said…
FYI, I did get the Ren and Stimpy reference. I still find myself randomly singing "It's Log, it's Log, it's big it's heavy it's wood".

Might it be the Scarlett O'Hara "Gone with the Wind" barbie? There are several, but she is wearing a green dress in one with a straw hat with a green ribbon??? Just a guess...

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