Oh, hand-print turkey, how long I have waited for thee . . .

The kid has come home with turkey art every day for the past week or so. Construction paper turkeys, coloring book turkeys, etc. At church she made a hand-print turkey, which is the pinnacle of turkey-related art if you ask me. During my long, long journey to become a mom, I often filled my head with daydreams of macaroni art and hand-print turkeys. And now the day has come!

The emphasis on turkeys is always a little bit of a mystery to me, though. Why not a cornucopia or something?

Every year at least one person asks what on earth I will eat for Thanksgiving since I'm a vegetarian. I've been adhering to a meatless diet for over 20 years now so it's not as if I'll suddenly be baffled by this particular holiday. And for those of you who have seen me - do I look like I am missing any meals? Call me what you want, but don't call me late for dinner! Ha ha! I'm here all week, folks! Tip your waitresses! Anyway, the answer to the question is that I will eat everything but the turkey (well, I will also skip the stuffing since it is usually made with parts of the turkey). Gravy is also off-limits in most cases. But everything else is fair game. We're eating at a friend's house. I'm contributing a hashbrown casserole, a brownie torte (which my dad lovingly calls "the manhole cover"), and a store-bought pie. I don't like pie but was assigned to bring one, so I figured a bakery pie was the way to go. Most people do not think it is legal to dislike pie, but I'm pretty sure it is.

As I type this, I am working on my Black Friday plan for tomorrow. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am typically out of town for Thanksgiving and can't hit the Black Friday sales. I'm looking at it as an adventure of sorts (just a slightly deranged, nobody-gets-up-at-that-hour-on-purpose sort of expedition). I'm taking a small list along, as well as a rough idea of where I might find the best prices on what. I'll hit a couple of stores, try not to get trampled to death, and attempt to have a little fun while I'm at it. A place in town is opening early and giving a bottle of wine to the first ten shoppers. They are also giving a free glass of wine to every shopper. A glass of wine at 9 a.m. - is that wrong? Don't answer that.


Beth said…
YeeHAW! A fellow anti-pie person. That (almost?) makes us worthy of involuntary confinement for mental health evaluations...or so it seems, when the holidays arrive!

Congrats on the turkey. My own four-year-old hasn't brought me one yet.
I don't like pie either! :)

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