The Lowdown

  1. I have the plague, so I'll keep this brief and spare you the deets. Okay, it could just be a run-of-the-mill cold, but I've been a snot factory for a solid week now. I feel pretty. I also had another allergic reaction today, albeit a mild one. The culprit was a tortilla (for those of you keeping score at home).
  2. I picked up a temporary foster dog named Coach. I'm holding him for a few days because Coach's foster dad is in the USMC Reserves and had to do jarhead stuff this weekend. This pooch is only nine months old but is causing a fair amount of tension in our home. He has a thing for me. He's all over me like a cheap suit. It goes without saying that I am a pretty hot ticket, but he is just taking it to an extreme. When one of my own dogs approaches me, Coach tries to keep said dog away. I, in turn, ignore him. Unrequited love doesn't deter him at all - he just tries that much harder.
  3. I gave the sermon at church today, and I actually think it was moderately successful. I'm sure no one knew quite what the Crazy Dog Lady would say.
  4. A decided that she doesn't want to wait two weeks to take a flight to Meemaw's house. She has decided to walk. She wants me to tell her which direction she should head. Every time she is ready to get started, though, a new episode of Dinosaur Train comes on. And you know one can't miss that.
  5. I made the mistake of playing Chutes & Ladders with the kid Saturday night. She got mad when she was about to win and then landed on a chute. She took one look at the square she was on, then folded her arms and jutted out her chin in defiance. "Take the chute, goober," I told her. She shook her head. I don't know if this makes me a bad mom or not, but I'm not down with letting a kid win every game, every time. She gets so feisty, though! I had a flashback to playing Chutes & Ladders with another little kid, many moons ago. My wee baby sister also refused to take the chutes. The only difference between the two is the hair color.

The original bad sport.

Her successor.


Cassi said…
just keep the plague on your side of the fence and all will be fine.....hehehe. get better quickly cause we have step on tuesday night.
Jen said…
Coming from another plague filled home here...

Everytime Arthur doesn't want to lose, he'll come up with a brilliant idea and proudly announce "Hey mom, how about we switch people?!"

hee hee
Audreee said…
The bad sports are so pretty. I don't see how you could NOT just let them win. Apparently beauty does not affect you.

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