My Daughters (With and Without Fur)

So, Gretchen failed obedience class (Pre-Novice) again. You'll remember the debacle from last time. An over-achiever she ain't.

I guess I shouldn't say she failed the class. She simply didn't get a high enough score on the final evaluation to pass into the next class (Novice). I mean, sure, she's a loser any way you slice it, but she did show some improvement. This time around Gretchen forgot what the word "stay" means even though we've been working on it for six months. She did do an almost picture-perfect finish after the recall, though. I'll give her props for that.

Anyway, yes, we are going to take the class for the third time. I have not given up on my goal of putting some titles on that dog whether she wants them or not. I try to remind myself that I just adopted her in March and that we haven't been working on this stuff since puppyhood. But still . . . forgetting to stay, Gretchie? How could ya?

As for my furless daughter, I will be attending my first parent-teacher conference on Tuesday. I'm actually a bit nervous about it. I assume I'll be hearing this: "Mrs. M, your daughter is a genius the likes of which this school has never seen. Also, she is beautiful and charming. And exceedingly well dressed."

When I pick the kid up after school, I always ask her what she learned that day. "Everything," she invariably responds. If "everything" includes the ability to "circle the owl that's different" then I guess she's all set.

Here's the song I've been grooving on this week. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to dig it as well.


Laurie said…
I don't know if Boxers forget as much as they "choose not to remember" when the mood strikes them.
Lisa said…
LOVE the pic. :)
Steph K said…
Two thumbs up on the song. I dig it.

And don't worry about Gretchen. She's just worried about setting the bar too high. This way, she'll never be disappointed in herself! Or something like that.
Susie said…
What a great picture of your girls! ITA about the parent teacher conference--I'm sure that's what you'll hear. If not, the teacher is clearly not qualified to teach. :)
Robin said…
Our dog needs to go to obedience school. Not too sure how high of score she would get.

I remember my first conference. I know you will get positive reports.

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