Buca di Beppo Gift Card Giveaway!

I've been gaining some new readers lately, which is very gratifying. I've done some reading on the topic of optimizing one's blog, and one oft-used suggestion is to have a giveaway of some type. "No," I always think to myself with a self-satisfied shake of my head. "I will not cheapen my blog like that. I want people to come on by because they like my writing." Or because they find me incredibly witty and unmistakably modest. Or they think I have the cutest kid they've ever seen, bar none. Or they are stalking me and need to gather just a bit more personal information before showing up at my workplace with a machete.

I've also noticed that some of the blogs that receive heavy traffic are also very confessional (TMI) in nature. I think harboring a few secrets is healthy, so I'll continue to keep some things to myself, thankyouveddymuch. I'm also keenly aware that I don't really have a reliable shtick on which to hang my blogger hat. I don't have six kids. I don't even have six dogs.

Anywho . . . I'd like to thank my readers who do keep coming back voluntarily and for those who have passed the link to others (and to my sister for posting it on Facebook in the middle of the night, when she may or may not have had a few adult beverages). I'd also like to announce that, because I have no shame, I am having a giveaway! You'll recall that I devoted one blog entry to kvetching about the fact that Buca di Beppo served me dead animal flesh even after I explicitly told the server that I am a vegetarian. Buca rewarded my whining with a $25.00 gift card. I was looking at the card the other day, fantasizing about garlic mashed potatoes, when I noticed that the gift card expires on 12/31/09. The nearest Buca is two hours away from me and there is no chance I'll make it there before the end of the year. Other than that one unfortunate incident, I've always enjoyed going to Buca's and leaving with garlic oozing out of my pores. I also have fond memories of various Buca outings, such as the time my husband hit the Chianti too hard and then did the "I love you, man" routine with all of my friends.

So, I'm offering up the gift card (which is totally transferable, good at any location) to one lucky reader.* All you have to do is leave me a comment. I'm not going to choose the winner in any sort of fair or democratic way. I'm not going to use one of those random integer generator things to choose a comment. Nay, I shall select the one I dig the most.

Suggestions for comments:
  • A suggestion for a song you think I'd like. **
  • Something funny.
  • Something incendiary or vaguely offensive.
  • A compliment using lots of superlatives.
  • A random fact. Bonus points if I learn something from it.
I will choose a comment at noonish on Wednesday. Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth.

Updated to add: extending this until Wednesday because I won't be online most of the day on Tuesday. Also, I'm automatically disqualifying anyone who was too fucking lazy busy to simply click on the link and peruse the many franchise locations of Buca di Beppo. Hey, it's my contest - I can do what I want.

*Void where prohibited. What does that mean anyway? What state is prohibiting fun?
**If it's a country song or something from the Top 40, then you owe me a gift card. Seriously.


radioactivegan said…
I'm not really trying for the gift card because I have no idea what Buca is, which makes me think there isn't one around here ... but I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog. I've told a lot of friends (and my mom) to visit if they need a nice anecdote to get through the day.

Try out this song by the Eels http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ud-pdJh8S8
Khudson33 said…
hi! no card gift needed- have never even heard of the place, I live in the "U.P." you just crack me right up though every time I head your way! "Met" you through GABR website- wondered who the wonderful ppl are who keep it ago and found a link to this quirky wonder-- so just a thanks for sharing pieces of your funny world with us! Its good to know there are ppl out there that are just as wacky and whimsical!
Steph K said…
I'm not sure if you're a Lily Allen fan or not, but I find this so very entertaining.

WARNING-not for the ears of A (or any other children)!


I won't use the gift card, but if you want to give it to me, I have a friend in Milwaukee who would definitely use it.
Sam said…
I've also never heard of the restaurant, which makes me think we don't have them in my neck of the woods. (New York) But I've been reading your blog almost from the beginning and I have a feeling that I was your first non-family fan. It's like I knew you when. Except for how I don't really know you.

Anyway, this is dated at this point, but I still think it's hilarious:

And it contains expletives!!
Sam said…
I just want to be very clear that after clicking on the link I see that the closest Buca di Beppo franchise is a mere 4 hours from where I live. (So yes, there is one in New York, but it's not exactly close.) Therefore, I'm not one of the folks who was too fucking lazy. I mean, busy. :-)
khudson33 said…
awe I checked it out prior to my post & I wasn't being lazy (nearest being Milwaukee!)I really was being honest when I said I just wanted to say hi and thanks for all you do with the boxe rescue!
Alabaster Mom said…
I know - I was just giving some of you a hard time. :-) I appreciate everyone who stops by!
Anonymous said…
I occasionally click on your blog from our shared blog to see what whitty things you've written. You are a very funny lady and I enjoy reading about your life. Even if you don't devulge all your family secrets...LOL!!!
Cassi said…
I can't think of anything reason why I would use a gift card for a place I've never heard of.....but I think I get and extra point for being the next door neighbor that loves hearing the curly haired cutie pie that asks me what I'm doing from the "other" side of the fence, or the play date with dogs where one dog (whom will remain nameless) felt the need to dump in my yard 5 times in less than an hour, or the one that introduced you to satan's concubine!! So on that note, have a great afternoon and a wonderful vacation. You'll be missed at step. PS: It's great having a neighbor that makes me laugh on a regular basis. Give squirt a hug for me :-)
Unknown said…
I've been reading your blog since your Dad (who we are BIG fans of) told me what a "talented writer" you are as we were driving to the U2 Concert two weeks ago. He said you weren't just good but that "you could move people to tears". I've been reading ever since.

You have a talent for sure! You write what people think but don't say or don't know how to say and yet you capture the essence of exactly what they're thinking too. Obviously, it goes without saying, I have no such talent.

G and I discuss your writings now and the smile on his face when he talks about his Grand Daughter is just priceless. I looked and there is a Buca DiBepo in DC, so I would take him if I won because he brought me to you.
We honest to god have one about 10 minutes away. It is my husbands favorite place to eat and we have NOT been in over 3 years because we are always broke. Ok, here's a fact... our reception was held at the Claremont in which is located in the same parking lot as Buca di Beppo in Claremont, California. I am Italian so i especially like it. lol Here is another fact, the one near us is located at the Stonbrier Mall across the street from the ice skating rink located in the actual mall. Here's another fact, we almost went there last year from our anniversary but did not end up having enough money to pay a sitter. Here's another fact, our anniversary is in december. :) I am SHAMLESSLY trying to win. lol
Liz said…
I want to win well because I am going to visti my parents in Florida and I would love to take them to dinner! We would be dining by the sea and taking lots of pictures, that of course would be sent to your's truly! We would even send you a souvenier from our travels, a little butter-ing up never hurt anyone!
As a fun fact our wedding anniversary in next month too and it would be so lovely to celebrate Italian style!


khudson33 said…
OH jeeze these are getting good!
Robin said…
I have never heard of the restraunt before. There is one about 1 1/2 hour away.
Lisa.Y. said…
Oh! We have some here is Florida! Oh goodness, I want to win.

An interesting fact...hmm...

Have you ever wondered why you can't buy cashews with the shell on them?
The shells of cashews contain a potent skin irritant chemically related to the more well known allergenic oil urushiol which is also a toxin found in the related poison ivy.
Lisa.Y. said…
Oh, and also wanted to add that I love to read your exquistily written blog. I think that it is made only more enjoyable by the fact that you keep some things hidden from your audience. It leaves us to ponder.
Anonymous said…
I always felt a connection to you since we both love Boxers so much and we both have awesome kids born in May ;)

I remember when you posted that video of Adrienne singing the alphabet song. I was so in awe of her because she was, like, 18 months old or something crazy like that.... and here I had a kid who wouldn't talk at all.
Boy, we've both come a long way.

Anyway, gift card or no gift card, I've appreciated being able to stalk... ummm, I mean.... keep in touch with you over the years :P
gary said…
you are a stinkydummypoopyhead... how's that for incendiary? oh, and your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries... british and incendiary.
Ashley said…
I love your blog and read it constantly and hope that my A. grows up to marry a girl as spirited and beautiful as A. Anywho......here is my random fact for today.....

In the state of Florida this is actually a real law:

"If an elephant is left tied to a parking meter, the parking fee has to be paid just as it would for a vehicle."

Guess who's buying an elephant to save on gas....... :)
Just Lisa said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Just Lisa said…
I never realized you had this feisty side!

Here's some random trivia for you: Jennifer Aniston won her role on Friends after losing 40 pounds on Nutri-system diet plan.

(another random fact-- my boss sends out trivia questions every once in awhile, and if you are the first one in the office to answer correctly, you get two extra hours off paid. This was one of the questions!)
Jennifer said…
I just love your blog - you make me laugh ALL THE TIME! I am always so excited when I see a new post. And Adrienne...well, words can't even describe how awesome she is and how much I enjoy reading about her! If only you lived closer and our girls could play...now THAT would be amazing!

You rock, Miss C!

Anonymous said…
Your middle sister really is an amazing person to pass along your blog!! She must just be so loyal, beautiful, and smart! I know she would never have adult beverages and stay up until the wee hours facebooking either! ha!

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