Thanks for the links! (Added bonus: a vomit story!)

I'm a bit bleary-eyed this morning, because I was cleaning up vomit at 1:00 a.m. The kid came into our room, whimpering, and repeating "Mama . . . " At first I tried suggesting she go back to bed, but then I smelled it . . . that acrid, nostril-assaulting aroma that could only mean one thing. And right then she spewed again. On our carpet. It was actually pretty impressive - she got quite an arc on it. So, we rolled out of bed, got her cleaned up in the shower, and threw all of the contaminated stuff in the washer. My mom always said that you can clean up your own kid's vomit, but that it's almost impossible to clean up some other kid's vomit. I hope I never have to test that theory.

We decided to keep the kid out of school today; her dad is staying home with her. She has been a bit off for the past week or so. Her cheeks have been flushed, but I thought maybe it was the heat we'd been having. Everyone kept asking me if she was teething, but she's already got all of her teeth (well, all the teeth she's supposed to have at this age). Then she had a runny nose for a couple of days. I couldn't figure out what was up, but didn't want to take her to the pediatrician without having more to go on. ("Ah yeah, she's got unusually rosy cheeks - would you take a look at that and fix it?") Then yesterday she refused breakfast ("I don't like my lunch," she told me at breakfast.) It was her favorite - a waffle with surry-up, so I thought that was odd. She fell asleep after school and slept for three hours.

So, now I will do what I suspect all parents do after their child yacks: clutch my stomach and wonder if/when I'm going to catch the plague. Every little twinge in my gut and I think, "Oh nooooo!"

I did want to address a topic other than vomit, believe it or not. I wanted to take a moment to thank all the people who link to my blog from their blog. Starting from the time I was seven or so, I told everyone that I wanted to be a writer. Since starting my blog 16 months ago, I've been building up my confidence a bit so that I can finally start submitting some of my work to publishers and such. In bloggerland, it is hard to stand out from the crowd, but I've been slowly working on building up traffic to my blog.

So, if you are a blogger and you link to my blog, thanks!

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Susie said…
I, too, adore your blog! I love your humor and I know others do too! I'm happy to link your blog to mine, and now I just might do a post about it to encourage my loyal fans (all 3 of them) to check it out. By the way--if you write a book I'll be first in line to buy it. You're better than Erma Bombeck! hee hee
Mary said…
Now if you want to call a vomit story a bonus.... um, well, I'll have to think about that!;) I will say the description at times was quite vivid.;) It definitely brought back memories.... Actually the last time I got spewed on was in day care a few years ago in the one year old room. As I lifted her up from the diaper cupboard it happened, and bad.... I must say it was pretty hard to have someone else's kid plaster you with puke. I DID get very sick a couple days later. Augh. One more thing, when you get something published I will be the first to read it, I love your writing, the humor and your wit and your descriptive ways are great!
Trista said…
Aww! You're welcome! I link you from 3 of my blogs...

I'm one of those crazy organized people that has a million different blogs on blogger =)

You're just so entertaining to read! hehe
Marginwalker said…
More than happy to link up to you sister! I always secretly hope that people (normal people) find their way over to you. I've suggested they check it out, but no one ever listens to me. LOVE the AB blog, a perfect window into what you (and A and P--and I don't mean the store) are all about. Keep writing, keep blogging, get published!!!
Marginwalker said…
Forgot to mention, I love a good vomit story (as long as I'm not anywhere near the actual event when it goes down--or up, as the case may be). My sister had a tour bus in Jamaica vomit story that I swear tops any I've ever heard. She had our whole family in stitches. I'll have to tell you some day...or maybe have her guest on my blog. :D

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