Synonyms for vomit: purge, cast (WTF?), cat (really?), be sick, disgorge, retch, puke, barf, hurl, spew . . .

She's cuter when she keeps the contents of her stomach . . . in her stomach.

I know you were hoping for another puke-related update, so here it is. I regret to report that the situation did not improve after my last nausea-filled post. I had to stay home from work with Pukey McPukerton yesterday, because she repeated Wednesday night's performance on Thursday night.

Call me a crazy, paranoid, over-reactive mom, but I did take her to the pediatrician on Friday. The kid kept saying, "But I'm fine!" The problem is that she also said that on Thursday, and then spewed black beans on her bed a few hours later. We saw a new pediatrician, who apparently just joined the practice. I dug him. He poked her and prodded her, and pretended to find live flamingos in her ears (this joke goes over very big with the preschool crowd, I gather). He diagnosed her with . . . a virus. So, we just ride it out and hope we don't catch it. I am washing my hands so many times a day that your average OCD sufferer would be impressed. Maybe even a little jealous.

On our way out I said to Dr. Alexander, "My daughter is the most adorable kid you've seen all day, right?" He nodded and said, "Of course." I smiled smugly and walked with head held high as we passed all the hapless, ordinary kids in the waiting room. Then I remembered that it was only 9:30 a.m.

On a more serious note, I did have another reason to take the kid to the doctor. My friend Hattie had a young son who was vomiting a lot. The doctors ran some tests, and Hattie was expecting a diagnosis of lactose intolerance. Instead, Max had a brain tumor and died on Christmas Eve in 2005. So, once my daughter's illness persisted into its third day, I got a little bit spooked. Dr. Alexander said that since A also has diarrhea, that's an indication that her entire gastro-intestinal system is under siege and that there is no relation to her brain.

Anyway, I believe I have reached my quota of vomit-related blog entries for 2008, so I'll keep any future spewings to myself until January. As you were, soldiers.


Susie said…
Ugghh! I feel your pain, sista! Pukey McPukerton (and Squirty McSquirtington, Pukey's long lost pal!) spent her fair share of time with my princesa not long ago. Then of course, all that yuck led to a UTI, blah blah blah. If we didn't love these kids so darn much, we just might hurl ourselves, right? Oh wait, I did catch the bug when it first started in our house. Oh well--I still love these little beastlets! hee hee!

One more thing--where does your baby sister live in Oklahoma? (if you want to tell!) I have reason to believe she might live within a reasonable distance of me! Such a small world, isn't it??!! Gotta love blogland! Here's hoping that Pukey has moved on to another unsuspecting victim . . .

You can email me anytime at markandsusie96 at sbcglobal dot net
Mary said…
I never knew vomit had so many synonyms, good to know.;) I get some of them but cast?? Does that also say cat?? Hmmmm.... Hope Pukey McPukerton is done now... puking that is. I'm never one to run the kid or the dog in immediately when they are either but sometimes when things get prolonged I think you just have to know.... because I guess you never know. Hope noone else started hurling!;)

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