Big Girl

"Mama, I want to walk," she said. "Because I'm a big girl." We were headed into the grocery store and she didn't want to ride in the cart. Beat down from a long and taxing week, I didn't argue with her.

"Just stay next to the cart," I said flatly, and grabbed her hand.

As I looked down at my "big girl," I couldn't help but notice that she had magic marker all over her shirt and hands, and that she had a snot nose. So near, and yet so far.

A started a new swim class at the YMCA tonight. It's called "Intro to Kinder Swim" and it's for three-year-olds. The best part about is that I don't have to be in the pool with her. Woot! It was a little scary leaving her there while I wandered off to the observation lounge, but it turns out I know the instructor so that made me less nervous. They (the instructor and her assistant) strap a foam "cube" to each child's back and then work with them in the shallow area. There was a crier in this class, just as in the dance class earlier this year. Maybe there's a quota that needs to be filled for each class. Know-it-all brat? Check. Nose-picker? Check. Crier? All set. I shouldn't poke fun, though, because I probably would have been the crier back in the day. Actually, I was the tattletale, not the crier . . . if you really want to know the truth.

After leaving my child with the instructor, I walked upstairs and quickly claimed a spot at the window. I stood there with my forehead pressed against the glass, watching my daughter, so confident as she strapped on a cube and ventured into the water. I almost got teary and then immediately felt a little silly.

Realizing that I did have 20 minutes to myself, I popped in my earbuds and decided to listen to a podcast. If you're into new music at all, check out the "All Songs Considered" podcast from NPR. They also have a concert podcast. I watched a mini-concert by an artist named Thao Nguyen and the song "Bag of Hammers" has been stuck in my head ever since. Check it out - I guarantee you'll dig it.


Susie said…
Ugghh! Thanks--now I have that song in my head too! It's really catchy, isn't it??!! I hear you on the class quota thing--Matthew is the crier, the whiner, the tattletale, the kid named easiest to pick on, the only one in the class not potty-trained . . . I could go on, but suffice it to say that from my vantage point, the teacher at daycare is lucky on the days he's not there. I sure do love that little high maintenence man of mine! Yay A for swimming so independently! Rock on little girly!
Sam said…
Great song! I've never heard of Thao Nguyen.

Your daughter is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! Her spirit really comes through, even in photos.

Thanks for visiting my blog! (And for sharing your fear of scary guys under the bed. I can SO relate!)
Drasch23 said…
I was the crier!

Love Thao!

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