If you give a kid a camera . . .

The kid's latest obsession is my camera. As long as she is careful with it and I don't hear an ominous thud while she is using it, I don't mind if she takes a few shots. Here are the results of a photo session Saturday evening:

I can assure you that I don't want any part of me to be photographed. And most definitely not THAT part.

"He drinks a whiskey drink, he drink a vodka drink . . . "

Noggin, of course. Our TV misses broadcasting movies with bad words and gratuitous sex in them.

Giddy is blurry in real life, so it's fine.

Shoot when you see the whites of their eyes (was that the saying?)

Poor downtrodden old Karl

That must be our . . . or it could be our . . or maybe the . . . ah, hell if I know.

Here's one for this year's Christmas card.


Susie said…
Looks like you've got a budding photographer on your hands! Personally I think the foot shot would be a great Christmas card . . .
Sam said…
Well, after seeing picture #1 we all now know that you're one of those people who THINKS she's overweight, but actually isn't at all!! :-)
Anonymous said…
We got Joshua an little video camera a few months ago because he "wanted to make movies," turns out he just wanted to film his family when they are least expecting it. He got a lovely video of his father reading and using the "facilities." It wouldn't be funny but it took dad a while to notice him and you can hear all Josh's little giggles. He got a really lovely video of me hollering at one of the teenagers in the house.

Aside from the embarrassing and educational videos it's pretty cool seeing his perspective of the world.

Love A's shots by the way. I know just what to get her for Christmas. Now I just got to get someone to teacher to say,"Mama I am filming- shake your booty!"
Mary said…
Oh you don't give me that.... you put that butt picture first because you love it so much!!;) Actually I love the pic of Giddy (the clear one;) and is that by chance a glimpse of P's nostril I see there too:)
Anonymous said…
That is hilarious! I am rolling on the floor! Life through a kid's eyes...heheheheheh!


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