Woot, look at me!

I have to thank my artsy-fartsy friend Dave for making me a new header for the top of my blog. I have two talents in life, and graphic design is not one of them. (I am a good speller and I can touch my tongue to my nose, in case you are wondering about my two talents.) Would you like to see the other version he made? Here it is. As you can probably guess, I am getting ready to replace all of my friends with new, non-smartassy friends. I will be accepting applications starting Monday.

Does anyone recognize the quoted song lyric in the header? You get a gold star if you know it without Googling it.

Speaking of song lyrics, I have a couple stuck in my head right now. One is "It's Racing Day" by the Backyardigans. The lyrics are pretty witty: "It's racing day, it's racing day, today's the day we race!" I think those lines are repeated about 389 times. After ten minutes of the Backyardigans, I am crying and rocking myself in the fetal position, but my kid eats it up. Sometimes literally, as she also loves Backyardigans fruit snacks. "I'm eating Tyrone! I'm eating Plablo!"

The other lyric stuck in my head is from an old song that I recently re-discovered and purchased. I found it on iTunes the other day. It's called "My Bag" by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions. It goes like this:

Spin spin whiskey and gin
I suffer for my art, bartender
I got wild mushrooms growing in my yard

I sometimes feel like iTunes/Apple knows way too much about me. (They know everything about me except who stole my old iPod, I guess.) Occasionally I check out the section in the iTunes store where they select songs that they suspect I'd enjoy. And I'll think, "You're right, iTunes, I do love Aztec Camera!" I do need to reset my song counts, though, because it's downright embarrassing. iTunes knows that I've listened to Timbaland far more than I have listed to Andrea Bocelli.


Marginwalker said…
I know the reference and I don't have to google it!

"The screen door slams...Mary's dress waves."

I actually can't read your blog without humming.

If I'm wrong, well...just ignore this comment. If I'm right, where's my gold star? :)
S. C. R. said…
Thunder Road. oooh yeah.

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