It's Not the Cows Who've Gone Mad . . .

I saw an article on CNN today about cows being abused at a slaughterhouse. Wow, abuse at a slaughterhouse! Go figure. Anyway, apparently slaughterhouse workers are unleashing horrific abuse on sick cows that are too weak to stand. There is one snippet of a quote about the animals themselves, but for the most part the point of the article is this: oh no! did those sick cows get into the food supply?

I really try my best not to be a soapbox sort of vegetarian (meat-free for 19 years and counting), but this story is one of many reasons why I am trying to teach my daughter that we should walk through this life as gently as we can. The horrors of factory farming are very real. I wish everyone had to slaughter their own dinner, even just once. Personally, I am not worth that kind of violence.

(In my next post I promise I will get back to poop-related toddler stories and stuff. Oh, and she is watching "Cinderella" right now, so yes, I succumbed to Disney's malevolent yet ingenious marketing tactics once again!)


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