I know, it was too easy!

Yes, the lyric is from "Thunder Road." Thunder Road is not, in fact, my favorite Springsteen song, but you gotta admit it's a great line. Show a little faith, there's magic in the night . . .

My favorite Springsteen song is "Drive All Night," mostly because I just want to know what it's like to have someone dig you so much that they'd drive all night just to buy you some shoes. And to "taste your tender charms." I don't know if my charms are tender or not, but my other half won't even pour me a glass of wine without rolling his eyes. And according to him, I have plenty of shoes already.

So anyway, Miss Leslie - Margin Walker did recognize the song first, but I cannot give her a gold star. Why? Well, because she has owed me a buck since last summer and refuses to pay me. She recommended that I download a life-changing sort of song from iTunes, and not only did the song not change my life, I really didn't dig it at all. Technically the song was $0.99 (no tax), but I'm rounding up because I think I'm owed at least a penny for all the trouble she's caused me.

Therefore, I must give the gold star to The Southern Fried Vegan. It looks like I will need to trek to Texas to give it to her, but I'm down with that - the sub-zero temperatures here are getting pretty old.


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