Everyone's a Princess . . . On the Inside

As our four-day weekend draws to a close (technically four and a half, as I had to pick up the kid early on Friday because of a snowstorm), I find myself with a whole new respect for stay-at-home moms. I know I need to head back to work tomorrow because . . . I'm out of booze. The party is truly over.

I did my best to plan activities for the kid but after a while all I could come up with was, "Can't you just go and play in your room?" (You know, the place filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of toys and playthings?) We played Candyland. We put together the same puzzle twice. We played Don't Break the Ice. She colored. She played with Play Doh. But mostly, she marched around in her princess garb, putting spells on us.

This being the upper midwest and all, the average princess does need a turtleneck on under her frock.

If only I had some way to contact the Marines from his old barracks so that I could send this along to them. Please note that he is wearing the clip-on earrings - you just can't see them very well.

Karl doesn't particularly enjoy playing dress-up. He is just too old to bother running away.


Mary said…
Oh man.... that is funny!! I think I'm talking about Patrick most of all!!;) That reminds me of Rick, the kids use to spend hours fixing his hair and putting a multitude of barrets and whatnot in it, oh, including those spongy rollers. Those are some great pics!!!

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