Twisted Sister (Or: Geography Lessons)

So, let's say, just for the sake of argument, that you invited one of your sisters to come to your home for a visit. And let's say your sister sent you a list of possible flights for this trip. Suppose you are looking at the list and notice that she initially flies out of the nation's capital. This makes sense, seeing as how she lives there and all. Then suppose you scroll down and notice that her flight arrives in . . . Fort Lauderdale. You think this is odd because you live in the midwest and Fort Lauderdale is not, in fact, "on the way." Then you scroll down a bit further and notice that her connecting flight (to the land of cows and corn) doesn't leave Fort Lauderdale until three days later. That's quite the layover, you think.

What does it all mean, you wonder? Is the midwest so boring that a detour to the land of thongs and wickedness and debauchery is required? Hmmm. (I should add that I've never been to Florida, so I am basing what I know about it from watching MTV's Spring Break, circa 1989.)

Other transgressions from said sister, which I would like to report at this time:
  • In 1978 she took my favorite doll, renamed her Linda, and wrote all over her with a ballpoint pen.

  • In 1982 she took my bead collection to school and hid it in her desk.

  • Some other stuff that I just can't think of at the moment.

Oh, and did I mention that I NAMED MY CHILD after this sister? My sister's first name is my daughter's middle name. (The other sister was elevated to Godmother status.) Did someone in Florida name their child after my sister? Methinks not.


Drasch23 said…
Awwww...poor Claudia.

To make your night a little brighter, I have tagged you for a Meme. Don't hate me.

PS: Spots practicing his pre-bark.

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