Does Anyone Know of a Sleepaway Camp that Accepts Two-Year-Olds?

Just wondering.

Yesterday I read a blurb in Parents magazine that mentioned a new "Elmo Knows How You Feel" video in which Elmo's dad gets deployed overseas. As further proof that we are going insane, DH and I actually had this conversation:

Me: Check this out. Elmo's dad is getting deployed.
Him: No way. Really?
Me: Seriously, I think he is too old for military duty. (Editorial note: after having seen "Elmo's Potty Time" (in which Elmo's dad is prominently featured) 12,756 times we feel we've had ample time to study Elmo and his family and can therefore extrapolate data as needed.)
Him: Well, maybe he's in the Guard or something.


Laura Mullen said…
you know- it took me forever to find a picture of Elmo's MOMMY! *yikes* and I agree,...Elmo's Daddy has to be in the National Guard.

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