The Joke is Always on Me

"So I said, don't even think about wearing white shoes after Labor Day."

My kid, she's funny (in the ha-ha sort of way). Most of the time I can't tell if she's laughing with me or at me. Probably the latter. Last night I put her in time-out for biting me. When her two minutes were up, I knelt down and asked her to come over and apologize. I could tell she found the whole scene to be pretty amusing. She gave me her sing-song apology ("sooooorrrr-ry ma-ma") and then put her index finger in the middle of my chin and said, "You're pretty!" All along I've been thinking that she is headed for a career on the stage, but now she has me wondering if she is destined to go into politics.

This is sort of a random blog but I wanted to catalog a few of the things A has been saying because she is growing up at a lightning pace and it will only be matter of time until she is in college, blowing our money on microbrews. Darned kid.

When I pull her out of the bathtub I always say, "You're getting big. Are you growing?" She always replies, "I'm growing flowers." This cracks me up every time.

Although I'm convinced that my daughter is borderline genius, she does get her pronouns and genders mixed up, which makes for some amusing conversations. "Good boy, mama," she tells me. When I put her in her crib at night she flips over on her stomach and says, "Scratch your back!" Whenever she breaks/drops something she yells, "You broke it! or "You dropped it!"

Earlier this week P asked her if he could play with her Backyardigans guitar (possibly the most irritating toy of all time). A said, "No, you're in time-out."

We've also learned that she seems to have picked up incorrect meanings for a few words/phrases. For example, one day last week she ripped her barrette out of her hair, handed it to her daddy and said, "Here's your birthday party." As near as we can tell, she thinks the term "birthday party" has something to do with putting something on your head, as she has used it in similar context on other occasions.

I'll be back to edit this post if I think of more amusing things that my impossibly witty child has said.


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