I'm moving to England

I'll write about the big birthday weekend later, but right now I have to share something much more important.  For some 25 years now, I have been mourning the discontinuation of Apple Slice.  I don't even drink soda anymore, but I still miss Apple Slice. I drank it like crazy when I was in high school. If memory serves, Apple Slice was discontinued in the late 80s. Welcome to adulthood, Claudia. No more good stuff for you. 

On Saturday, I visited a store that sells only British stuff. From Paddington Bears to Monty Python memorabilia to weird candy bars - it's all imported from England. My dad is visiting and I thought he might have an interest in some of the Beatles stuff, so that is why we journeyed to this particular store.  My daughter and my great-niece picked out a couple of those weird candy bars (Nestle Aero Mint bars, to be exact). I spotted an apple soda so I bought it and took it back to the resort.  I poured it over ice and sipped it by the pool.  While I don't think it's identical to Apple Slice, I must say that it is amaaaaazing. In that instant, all my dreams came true.

I went back to the store the next morning (right before we left town) and bought six cans of carbonated appley goodness. They are $1.35 each so I couldn't get too crazy. The store is about an hour and a half from my house. So, I can either drive there every time I need more, order them online (and pay outrageous shipping costs), or just move to England. Bloody right!

I have to say that the back side of the can is kind of funny.  It says, "Apple Soft Drink with Sugar and Sweeteners. Contains no artificial colours or flavours (or any of those poncy ingredients like ginseng or elderflower.)"  I don't know what poncy means but I'm going to look it up and then incorporate it into my vocabulary right away.

After I bought my six-pack of fancy sodas, I wandered into a gift shop across the hall. I had seen the shop owner enter the building with her Basset Hound so I had to pay a visit. I had met this dog a couple of years before, so I was glad to see he was still around. He's an older boy and he's got terrible skin issues so I was just happy to learn that he's hanging in there.  The owner offered to take a picture of me and Truman. When I tried to leave, Truman gave me a woo-woo-woooooo to let me know that I needed to stay there all day and rub his belly. Then he shed his white hairs onto my black outfit.


Sarah said…
He's alive! Yay!!!! And take me to England with you. Thanks!

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