Day O'Fun

The kid and I spent a lot of quality time together yesterday. I'm about to become a temporary invalid when I have my foot surgery next week, so I have to squeeze in all the stuff I can before that happens.  First up was a sewing class at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  This was a Sewing 101, "How to Use Your Sewing Machine" sort of deal. The class was small, just us and a college student. I'm not sure why she (the other student) was there since she made it pretty clear that she was already God's gift to sewing. We brought the kid's machine to the class and proceeded to set it up for the first time. The first hurdle?  She's too short to reach the foot pedal. Doh!  We had to lower the chair significantly. Once we did that, she could no longer see the instructor so she just peered at her through the middle of her sewing machine.  We learned how to thread the machine and then the kid practiced a few basic stitches. I took notes and asked a few dumb questions, most of which were related to the bobbin - a concept that seems to elude me.

When we got home, she wanted to spend some more time practicing. I was glad to see her level of interest. I am expecting her to win Project Runway someday.  About 15 minutes into her practice session, though, something went wrong with the bobbin (see, I told you the bobbin is just an effin' troublemaker!). I attempted to fix it while she dissolved into tears. I called my mom but it was hard for her to help without being able to see the machine.  I finally decided to put the sewing machine away and try again some other day. I may have to entice one of my sewing friends over to unravel the mystery for us (and I think I mean that almost literally).  Oh, and I signed us up for another class on June 13th. We'll complete an actual project at that class. I mean, if there's one thing this house needs, it's an owl pillow.

After class, we grabbed some lunch and then loaded up our bikes.  P was out running errands or I'm sure he would have joined us. We drove to a nearby bike trail and biked to a park. It's great now that she's on a bigger bike because she can go a lot faster/farther. Every time I go to the trail, I buy the daily pass (they have these little DIY stations along the trail) and I've never been asked to show the pass. Well, yesterday I was stopped about a mile from our starting point and was asked to show my pass. I have to say that the goody-two-shoes in me was gratified by that.

It was a beautiful day so we hung out at the park for a while before heading back. Short Stuff talked me into stopping at a frozen custard place on the way back. She got a root beer float. As for me, I feel weird about eating calories that I've JUST burned so I took a pass.

After dinner, we headed to a friend's roller derby bout. It was fun. I'd been before but it was the kid's first time. It's more of a family-friendly activity than it might sound like. She drank a Sprite, ate some Chex Mix, and got her face painted. Then, on the way home, she talked me into letting her hook up her iPad to my car's stereo. We sang along to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" twice in a row. There's no going back . . .

All in all, it was a very nice day. That kid of mine - she's a'ight.


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