Here it is, the cutest photo(s) ever

The rest of you can stop taking pictures now.  They'll never matter.

It's kind of a lazy afternoon at our house today. I went to the farmers' market this morning, then my daughter and I visited a co-worker who has some baby chicks. After lunch, A and I walked around the neighborhood a bit, because our 'hood is having a community rummage sale.  After that, we ran out of steam. There's a garden fair going on, but I can't walk very far in my sexy surgical shoe and I know that you always have to park in Zimbabwe for that event. We looked at the movie guide, but not much is playing.  So, we turned on the AC and now we're just hanging out. The kid is playing games with her cousin in Virginia. 

Because Diesel is deaf, he sleeps like the dead. You can pass through with a marching band and he won't wake up. So, I was able to take these shots of him snoozing in my bed with the kid. 


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