Weekend Away

My daughter got me the sweetest gift for my birthday - a huge, snot-filled extravaganza of a cold*. I shouldn't complain, in as much as I haven't been sick in at least a year, but this one's a doozy. I can feel my asthma kicking in, which is obviously problematic.

I did my best not to let my malady ruin my weekend, though. We picked up the kid from school on Friday and headed to our destination. As soon as we had our room key, she started asking about the pool. "Can we go to the pool? How about now? I'll just put on my swimsuit and wait here by the door for you."  For the record, she got to swim three times over the weekend (two with us and one where we just watched).

After a good swim on Friday night, we ate some birthday cupcakes. My husband knows me well, as he told the bakery to put together six cupcakes and just to make sure all of them involved chocolate in some way. Later, he and I drank some wine and watched a couple episodes of "The First 48" while the kid hung out in "her" bedroom playing Minecraft. I woke up in the middle of the night and wondered if I had accidentally eaten a handful of razor blades before bed. My throat was killing me. On Saturday morning, we grabbed some breakfast and then headed out for some fun. I first stopped at a drugstore and bought some Dayquil. I usually avoid cold meds because they make my stomach all oogy, but I was pretty determined to power through this thing.

The three of us went out to lunch and then did a little shopping. I had a vodka cranberry with lunch because  . . . what's that old saying? Starve a fever, drown a cold?  Something like that? After lunch, we hit a candy store and a few other places. It was pretty cold so we didn't want to walk around too much. Eventually we decided to go back to the resort for yes, some swimming.

I love to swim but didn't stay in the pool too long this time around. Every time I went underwater, my ears threatened to explode. So, I left my family in the pool and headed back to our suite. Later, we ate the rest of the cupcakes and then repeated Friday night - the adults watched TV while the kid played Minecraft. Every so often, I try to watch what she is doing and to ask questions. I admit it: I just don't get it. She showed me how she had built a cemetery and put a torch on top of every grave. She'd even made up names for all the dead people. "How did that guy die?" I asked, pointing to a headstone.

"He was just old," she responded.

"Oh, old like me and Daddy?"

"Ye - NO! Older than that."

Then I spotted some rectangles near the cemetery. "What are those?" I asked.

"Those are yoga mats," she answered, like it made perfect sense.

"So the people do yoga right before they kick the bucket? How does that work?"  She rolled her eyes and walked away.

Later, I took some Nyquil and slept like the dead. And no, I didn't do any yoga first.

Anyway, my birthday weekend didn't turn out exactly as planned because I had the plague and all.  But, it was very nice and very relaxing. During my shopping excursion on Saturday I had picked up some fancy-schmancy organic bath salts and enjoyed a long soak in the whirlpool tub in our suite. All in all, it was a good birthday. My sisters and my sister-in-law gave me Amazon gift cards, so I was able to order my new Kindle this afternoon. And the gift cards covered the cost so Mr. "That's-Too-Extravagant" didn't even have to pony up any cash for it.

*She also got me an iTunes gift card. Her dad took her to the mall Tuesday night to shop for my birthday. Later, he admitted that they bought the gift card at the first store they saw, then spent the rest of the time sitting in the one-dollar massage chairs and eating candy.


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