Um, thanks?

Earlier this evening, my mom told me that every member of our family has purchased a ticket. They've all gone to the concession stand to buy popcorn and M&Ms. And now they are all taking a front row seat so that they can be there to observe the scene when my daughter hits puberty. "We can't wait!" she said.

People say this sort of thing to me all the time. "Hoo boy," they say with a whistle. "Is she ever gonna be a handful when she's a teenager."  It's a shame that more people have not had an opportunity to witness the morning routine at my house because then they would really snap up those tickets. We tell her to get dressed and she turns the tables on us and somehow makes it sound like her dad and I are the ones who are doing the wrong thing.

"You're MAKING IT WORSE!" she screams.

The photo below? It was taken using the night setting on my camera. It was also taken 1/2 hour after Her Highness was supposed to be asleep.

Pray for me. Or meditate for me. Or something. 


Deedeeree52 said…
Can I have junior mints instead? And no throwing jujubes at the screen or other patrons.

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