I need some stuff

I was going to take this opportunity to tackle a weighty topic of some sort, like immigration reform or Obamacare, but I don't feel like it. 

My birthday is coming up on Valentine's Day and I'm sure you're wondering what to get me.  I've asked my husband for a Kindle Fire.  He said, "But we're going out of town for your birthday."  Now, this is true. Every year, the three of us drive about an hour north and stay at a resort for a weekend in February. It's very affordable if you go in the winter - they triple the rates in the summertime.  However, I'm having trouble understanding how going to a resort = no gift for me. We spend the whole weekend swimming and playing games and sitting in front of an artificial fire. We also go out to eat and then buy chocolate at an old-fashioned candy store. If resort = no gift for me, then I demand that they not have any fun that whole weekend. After all, it's MY birthday, dammit.

You know how Oprah has her favorite things?  Except that her trinkets are roughly equivalent to a mortgage payment?

Here are Claudia's favorite things, at the moment.

I really want this Buddha candle holder from World Market. It seems very serene, doesn't it?


I luuuurve Vitalicious Muffins.  I order the chocolate ones, put them in my freezer, and then attempt to stab anyone who glances in that direction. As has been established, I don't share food. I also love Charms' sweet n' sour pops, but prefer the green and white ones. You can have the other colors.

Few things in life make me as happy as bath bombs from Lush.  As an added bonus, most of them are vegan. My husband never buys these for me because he'd have to order them online, and that requires PLANNING AHEAD. In other words, out of the question.

I need this Fozzie Bear to go with the Gonzo I already own.

And, since I'm on a roll, feel free to hook me up with one of these candles from Bath and Body Works.

I'll stop now, but I could also go for: a new stove because mine is really old and I don't really know how to clean it,* a new refrigerator with one of them there fancy water spigots on the front, some snowpants, a fancy-schmancy bicycle with a cushion-y seat, and a largish flat-screen TV for the bedroom because right now we have an old-school one and you have to smack it with the palm of your hand to make it work.

I also need a kid who gets up on time and doesn't take a solid hour to put her socks on. Can anyone hook me up with that? 

*Don't know how = just don't want to. 


Sarah said…
You do realize that ALL of your fans are going to send you these things now, right? You're going to have suckers coming out of your vita tops!

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