Annnnd the update (good news!)

As you know, my OB/GYN made me mucho upset on Monday (and on every visit prior to that - if you have a particularly good memory, I complained about him back in 2010). I know, I know. It was stupid of me not to bail before now.  You know, you start thinking . . . well, this person has three degrees and I only have one, I'm probably an overly difficult patient, maybe it is supposed to be this way . . .

There was one extra little bit of fun to be had at Monday's visit.  I went off the pill four years ago. I can't have children and I'm an old lady now, so I decided I didn't want to keep taking it. My body, my decision.  At Monday's visit, Dr. D asked me about not being on the pill. I didn't feel like arguing with him (since he's always right and I'm always wrong) so I simply said, "I just don't want to be on it."

He said," So you'd be fine with a baby if it happened?"

Again, not up for arguing. "Yes."

Then came this doozy: "And are you concerned about STDs at all?"

Me, totally baffled: "No, not after 21 years."  I shook my head for emphasis.

"Well," he said, "Sometimes even married couples break up for a time and I've had patients express concern when they've had time apart from their spouse."

I said nothing. I mean, seriously?  Is this a common question to ask a 43-year-old woman who's been with the same dude for 21 years?  I didn't think so, but what do I know.  I told P about it when I got home. He was confused, too. "Um, is that what married couples do?" he asked me.

Looking at our last bill from our cellular provider . . . my husband used 11 of the 750 minutes allotted to him under our cellular plan. Eleven. So yeah, I'm pretty sure the guy is not carrying on some torrid affair. I'm pretty sure those 1l minutes were calls from his nagging ball-n-chain of a wife.

Anyway, you already know how the rest of the doctor visit went.  On my way home, I called P and cried.  "I just can't go there anymore," I told him.  I was beside myself.  So, I wrote the letter.  However, instead of mailing it directly to Dr. Insensitive, I decided to fax it.  My secret hope was that faxing it might cause it to fall into the hands of someone who mattered.

Well, guess what?  It did.  The practice administrator called me today.  She was super, super nice. She said that she could not believe the way I had been treated and that Dr. D's behavior would not be tolerated.  She also shared the letter with another doctor on staff, who said she would be honored to have me as a patient.  When I told the practice administrator about the STD questions, she was speechless.  She said that Dr. D is old school and they have some newer doctors on board who would never treat a patient the way I've been treated. She gave me her direct line and said that if I would like to come back to the clinic in the future, she promised me that I will be treated with dignity and respect.  I had almost forgotten that I deserve to be treated like a human being. 

Many thanks to my friends who encouraged me to write that letter. I feel so much better now.  I promise not to write any more blog posts about my lady parts for a while.

Now that I'm in a much better mood, I'll share a sunny little song I've been digging lately:


Sam said…
Birth control pills don't protect against STD's!!!!!!!!

That doctor was an idiot. I'm happy how this story turned out for you!
Lisa.Y. said…
....because the pill does so much to protect against STDs anyways. I'm glad you wrote the letter and got such a good response.
Lisa.Y. said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said…
I am so happy that letter didn't fall on deaf ears! You deserved to be heard. Those questions are unthinkable , insensitive, and absolutely appalling!
The Lovely One said…
Thank goodness you wrote that letter, and I hope the next gyno works out for you!

(and miscarriages suck ass. I'm sorry you've had to go through so many of them.)

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