Too old for this, too young for that

Yesterday I took my daughter to a kids' festival.  It is geared towards younger kids, but she really wanted to go. A local herp club is always there, so of course that is the highlight for her. She loves snakes like I don't know what.

We've gone to this event every April since she was 11 months old. Here is a photo of her at the festival when she was just a month shy of her second birthday.


And here is a photo of her at this year's event:

I told her that I thought this might be the last year she'll want to go. She told me that no, she'll always want to go. I don't mind taking her, but part of me wonders if my daughter is not maturing as the rate one might expect. Several times yesterday I had to haul her out of exhibits intended for toddlers.

This morning at church, after the service ended, I could not find her anywhere in the building. I finally found her hanging out with the musicians.  She had been telling them how anxious she is to learn an instrument - she said she is particularly interested in the ukelele. I would love to get her some lessons and have her learn to play an instrument. However, I feel like I just need to see a little more maturity from her first. We're having a hell of a time just getting her to flush the bleeping toilet after she uses it. So frustrating!

Sometimes she seems desperate to grow up and do "big girl" things. Other times, she seems awfully content to stay right where she is. It's quite the mystery, aye.


Sara said…
In my opinion/experience, this is totally normal. For some reason, kids are comforted by things that are geared towards younger children. We see it all the time at church. The 5 year olds love playing in the toddler room. She sounds totally normal, to me...well, as normal as anyone else is.
CutiiPromoRO said…
I like the pics, your daughter is lovely, I like the way you blog.
Midask9 said…
Wondering if perhaps when she is older, but still wishes to go to the kids festival - she might be able to volunteer there?? Help the little ones and whatnot - still fun, but with an added step of responsibility. I am sure too young/too old is a difficult stage for all involved!
Sam said…
I love that you almost always post something on Sundays! :-)

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