Seven Halloweens

We took the kid to the first of five Halloween-related events yesterday. It was the trial run for her fairy costume. Every year, she announces the following year's costume on November 1st. She never changes her mind either. Once she's made her announcement, she sticks with it. I pieced together this year's costume from various sources (I was trying to avoid buying a really cheap fairy costume that would never last through multiple wearings). I got the skirt and wand at Children's Place, the Danskin leotard on eBay, the tights and shoes at Target, the wings at a craft fair, and the leggings, purple hairspray, and face glitter at Goodwill (all were new). I can't remember where the crown came from. Sassy attitude was provided by my daughter.

The biggest challenge with Halloween costumes is warmth. Many times, it's downright cold on Halloween. I liked it when she was little and I could wrestle her into a warm fuzzy costume. Now she prefers to sacrifice warmth for glitter.

It occurred to me yesterday that this is her seventh Halloween so I thought it would be fun to dig out photos from all of them. Fun for me, anyway. Just humor me.



Lisa said…
AWWWWW! I love the pics! So awesome to see how they grow. :)
radioactivegan said…
She looks so adorable in all of them! I especially like the fairy. You need to keep this photo montage to show her first boyfriend :)

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