Expanding my nephew collection

I added a fifth nephew to my collection yesterday (I've got two from each sister plus one from my husband's brother). My middle sister gave birth yesterday to a 9 pound 6 ounce boy. She had declared that she wanted him "on the other side of her" by noon but he held out until 1:12 p.m. My sister had been up all night and was ready to be . . . not pregnant. During the early stages of labor I kept in touch with her boyfriend via text message. My sister's childhood nickname is Cheech (I can't say that she's that fond of it).  I double-dog-dared her boyfriend to yell "You can do it, Cheech!" during the pushing phase of labor, but he declined to take the dare. What a pussy, right? Prior to the birth, I had been awarded the auspicious title of "head of the phone tree."  So, once the baby was born, I quickly fulfilled my duties and called the rest of the family.  I am several states away but I got to meet the new guy via Skype last night. He didn't bother to wake up for the call - I hope he realizes that he's going to have to do better than that if he wants a spot on my Christmas gift list.

He's adorable, as I'm sure you'll agree. When I look at his picture I feel my fingers twitching. Must. Pinch. Cheeks.


radioactivegan said…
That nose is just asking for a little tweak! Congratulations to the whole family :)

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