Hanging out with Meemaw

Sorry for the dearth of new posts - my muddah was in town. I ferried her back to the airport (two hours away, in the snow, because I am just that kind of daughter) today and she's headed home to Oklahoma.

Highlights from her visit:
  • A trip to the mall, wherein I scored two big Yankee Candle jar candles and a very cute spring jacket, courtesy of the 'rents. Happy birthday to me!
  • A night out at the roller derby. A friend of mine is a derby chick so I thought it would be fun to take my mom to something different. We had a good time, though we're both still a little fuzzy on the actual rules of roller derby.
  • On Monday, we kept the kid home from school and she spent the afternoon with her Meemaw while P and I were at work. Apparently they played games and drank hot chocolate. I didn't get a lot of details about what they did, as there seemed to be a "don't ask don't tell" policy in place to which they were both adhering pretty firmly. From what I gathered, copious amounts of marshmallows were consumed.
  • On Tuesday, we surprised A at school by having Meemaw pick her up while I waited in the car. The kid was way excited to see my mom coming across the blacktop. She ran towards her grandmother, arms outstretched and then . . . some little brat pushed her down. We then went to Chuck E Cheese. A had a gift card sent to her by Fritz, our former foster dog (that is one generous pooch, let me tell ya). So, we played games and earned enough tickets to buy some worthless crap. The usual. Finally, we headed to the fabric store. I had been avoiding this endeavor since my mom's arrival. If you know anyone who sews or quilts, you know what I am talking about. I even tried telling her that all the fabric stores in town had closed and that it was all very tragic. However, she spotted a Hancock Fabric and I couldn't get out of it. The reason I was dragging my feet is that you cannot get my mother out of a fabric store once you have allowed her to enter one. You'd have an easier time extracting an addict from a crack house. She was buying fabric to make my daughter a dress, though, so I had to keep my protest rally pretty low-key.
As she was packing last night (and this is not a woman who travels light), I made this helpful suggestion: "Be sure to wing a slipper under the bed!" Meemaw always leaves a slipper behind and then I have to ship it to her. After she was all packed this morning, I got on my hands and knees and found two pairs of shoes under the bed in the guest room. Good try, lady!

Note to my mom: Thanks for visiting us! Now, would you like to explain to the nice people why you left dozens of popsicles in my freezer?

Mom holding five whole tickets at Chuck E. Cheese. Frankly, the kid and I really had to carry her when it came to ticket winnings.


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