She's got your eyelashes

I took the kid to my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday morning. She's reached the age where she is actually capable of being reasonably quiet for thirty minutes while the members chat about the almighty struggle. The ladies at Weight Watchers adore the kid. There is nothing that gets a group of women (mostly middle-aged) going like a little girl with a head full of ringlets. Moreover, a little girlie-girl who refuses to wear anything but dresses - some of them all but eat her alive.

A woman I've known for a few years happened to be sitting next to us. A climbed onto my lap and I rubbed her back as I listened to the group leader speak. Connie leaned over and said, "She's got your eyelashes!" I'm assuming she doesn't know that my daughter is not the fruit of my loin, so I simply smiled and nodded. This daughter of mine . . . she is my sharp-witted pistol, my wee companion, the fulfillment of a dream. I can shape who she is in many ways, but one thing I can never take credit for is her DNA.

I imagine that Connie saw the two of us sitting there and wanted to say something nice. People like to look at parents and children and point out similarities. Apparently finding nothing else, she came up with the eyelash compliment. It was tantamount to saying, "Look at you two with your identical livers!"

Truth be told, A does resemble her dad a bit. And goodness knows she takes after him in lots of ways. The other day she asked to watch Noggin after I picked her up from school. However, her dad was recording "Wolverine: The X-Men" and I was recording "Dr. Phil" (cuz I'm all intellectual like dat). The DVR will not let you watch a third program while two others are being simultaneously recorded. I decided to stop recording The X-Men (what, you didn't think I was going to ditch Dr. Phil, did you?). Well, the kid went into hysterics and demanded to watch the X-Men. So, I let her watch it even though a) her father was not home and b) I'm not entirely sure if the content is appropriate for a three-year-old.

I always thought the resemblance was a bit stronger before she grew hair:


Sam said…
I once took my sister's (adopted) children to the park and a mom told me that "my daughter" looks just like me. I'm white, she's Asian, and I'm not even her mom. Still, I took it as a compliment because my sister's daughter is just adorable! :-)
awwww... I love daddy/daughter pics! :)
Matthew said…
Even though you are not related, I still think you can share common traits. She may really have your eyelashes!
Anonymous said…
Does it really matter who she looks like? The girl is freakin' adorable!

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