My Kid's Meemaw is Better Than Your Kid's Meemaw

The crown kept falling off her head so we gave up after a while.

Like 94.7% of all three-year-olds girls, A decided to be a princess for Halloween this year. It's the first time I let her choose, because it was really the first time she had a grasp of what was going on. Last year, when I took her trick-or-treating, she tried to enter every neighbor's house when they opened the door. The whole concept wasn't quite coming together in her mind yet. But now, she knows what's what.

I feared that if I asked my mom to make a costume, she might hem and haw a bit (Get it? Hem? Oooh, I kill myself). I knew that if I put her adorable granddaughter on the phone, however, a costume would be in the works as soon as Meemaw could beat a path to the fabric store.

"Meemaw, would you make me a purple princess costume so that I can get some candy at the YMCA?"

I have no idea why she mentioned the YMCA. She goes there for swim classes and, as far as I know, they are in the business of promoting fitness and not tooth decay. But anywho . . .

The ploy indeed worked, because we received the costume about two weeks later. These photos do not do it justice, but it is extremely detailed, with a layer of tulle over the skirt and lots of intricate embellishments on the sleeves. I picked up some silver glitter shoes at Target and we're all set. We attended our first Halloween-related event today at the zoo.

Oh, and if you wonder why I didn't dress up, clearly you have forgotten the Chewbacca story.


Susie said…
Don't you just love meemaws? My mom is going to magically whip together a poodle skirt for Ryenn next week, and last year she crafted Matthew's adorable scrubs that we had "Dr. McDreamy" embroidered on. I mean really, grandma's rock at stuff like that! I'm still sorry that you had to be Chewbacca. I was a smurf once, but that's a story for another time . . .
Anonymous said…
That is such an adorable dress!!! My MIL made S's last two costumes, but I wanted to stay away from that situation this year! Also, MIL likes girly girl stuff. And this year S made her own choice and it is...drum roll please... a fire fighter! I think she is the only girl in her preschool class who is not going to be a princess, which seems to be the official costume of the 3-4 year old crowd!

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