I'm Not the Line Leader

Here is why I'm not online as much these days:

She'd been dabbling on the computer for a few months, but only recently figured out how to use the mouse. This opened up a whole new world for her. A world, namely, located at http://www.nickjr.com/. I have to say that the people who created those online toddler games knew what they were doing. My daughter can't read, but she can definitely figure out that she needs to click on a huge, throbbing, green arrow that says "Play again!" And play again she does.

Generally speaking, I don't mind if she spends a little time online. It keeps her busy and, judging from what I can see when I look over her shoulder, she even appears to be learning from some of the games (choosing the object that is different, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, etc.). I may have to start limiting the time she spends online, if it doesn't dissipate on its own once the novelty wears off a little. We did reach a low point the other day, though, when I heard Diego's voice coming from our PC and our TV at the same time. I don't think even POWs have to endure that.

A does seem to be learning at a rapid pace at this age, which is fun to watch. I went to a school supply store and purchased a set of cardboard letters. I then posted her name on the wall in her bedroom so that she can start learning to write it. She knows the letters and can write some of them, but she has a eight-letter name so I figure it will take her some time to learn all of the letters in order. (I wrote my own name as "Clpubia" for far longer than I should admit.) They are also working on this at school.

We are starting to see some of the effects of having her in a more formal preschool environment now. When P and I are casually passing from one room to another in our home, the kid flings herself in front of us and shrieks, "No! I'm the line leader!" She also forced me to walk behind her on the way into the grocery store on Tuesday. I don't know how the process of choosing a line leader works, but it certainly doesn't seem to be very democratic.

I do have another post rumbling around in my head and will sort it out this weekend. But for now, I have to cart my expansive self off to Weight Watchers. (It's not cool to have an Egg McMuffin after the meeting, right? Are you sure? Oh, okay.)


Mary said…
As always I enjoy your posts, I even giggled when I read about Diego's voice coming from the PC and TV! Scary almost!! I will have to keep nickjr.com in mind for the Grandkids... I did however find a nice letter toy thingmajigger;) made by Parents where you put the missing plastic letter on a card with a word and thought it was made very well. It's in a schoolhouse type container. I do think the letters on A's wall is a great idea!! Also as far as the Egg McMuffin it's all good. Back in the days I was slim and trim my sister and I stopped after our Tops mtg. (don't even know if thats around anymore!) and had a yummy custard turtle sundae. Mmmmmm.... and no that really wasn't the reason I gained weight, honest. I could get into that but this is your blog....;)
Anonymous said…
I am laughing out loud about the "line leader" thing! I just jumped on here to write about this very topic! S made me and my parents follow her in a line all day today because she was the line leader!

And I sympathize with the Diego from PC/TV. Been there. I have to admit, I find Dora's voice more annoying though!

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