A Pox on Thee, Facebook!

I resisted it for as long as I could. I didn't want to join MySpace or Facebook, both of which seemed, at least in my mind, to be nothing but a time-suck. Between working full time, donating my time to Boxer Rescue, and oh yeah - raising a child, I just didn't want anything else lapping up my time. But then my moms' group from BabyCenter decided to defect in light of some changes that BabyCenter has made. They headed over to Facebook. So, not wanting to lose contact with all the moms I've met over the past three years, I joined Facebook.

Lo and behold, though, I started getting "friend requests" from people I hadn't seen since high school. Then I dug around and found some on my own. I found several friends that I've known since elementary school! Next thing you know, people are sending me virtual gifts and I'm reading their updates and so on it goes. It's almost downright fun. I also get to harass my middle sister online, which is worth the price of admission right there (well, it's free, but you know what I mean). If you find my sister, write "You eat pork rinds" and "You wear Army boots" on her wall. She loves it, trust me!

Facebook is exactly what I predicted, though - a time-suck. I really do try to limit my time on there, seeing as how I have this pesky career and a child who needs to eat and all.

One old friend sent a message through my Facebook page asking me if I remembered the song "Beaux Yeux" from Madame Danisavage's French class. (I can't remember what year - sophomore maybe? I took French for eons.) I have no idea how (or why) he has kept that song in his head for over 20 years, but now it's in mine. And it WILL. NOT. LEAVE.

In other news, we received Incident Report #2 yesterday from A's school. It seems my sweet little sunshine buttercup . . . kicked another kid. Did she kick him in the shin? In the knee? No, she kicked him in the face. Was she content to boot him just once? Alas, no - she got him twice.

Clearly, it was the other kid's fault, because he shouldn't put his face so close to my kid's foot like that. Kidding! She did get quite a lecture, of course. I gave her THE TALK and then put her on the phone with her dad, who was still at work. I heard her saying, "But Josiah pushed me!" and also blaming a few other kids who must have been in the vicinity during the incident.

When she hung up I asked, "Did he tell you not to kick your friends?"

"No, he said it doesn't matter." Of course, I knew that he had said otherwise, but apparently she is operating under the assumption that her father and I don't actually speak to each other and compare notes.

I don't know what to make of the kicking incident, but I sure hope it's the last one and is not indicative of a future life of crime or something.

Beaux yeux, beaux yeux, depuis que je vous admire . . .


phay-leex said…
Wow...I made it to your blog. What an honor!

Beaux yeux....beaux yeux...
Anonymous said…
Thanks booger breath!! Facebook bully!

Love you truly, no really,
Your middle sister
Samantha said…
Gah! I guess I am going to have to join Facebook too.

See you there!

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