Hey, where's my body?

The kid drew this picture inside a birthday card that I am sending my Aunt. I am assuming it is Jesus, what with the walking on water and all. However, I am pretty sure Jesus had a torso.

She got another chance to flex her artistic muscle at an art festival we attended this morning. Or festibul, as she called it.

Speaking of festivals . . . you may have noticed that we've attended quite a few this summer. I signed us up for every fair and festival I could find. These celebrations, combined with two vacations in a row . . . well, let's just say that they weren't altogether compatible with Weight watchers. I did attend my Weight Watchers meeting this morning. Well, lumbered in was more like it. As it turns out, the scale did notice my summertime over-indulgences. I apologized to it and vowed to make it proud next week.

I'm picking up a local owner/surrender this afternoon, which will bring my household dog total to four. Fortunately, I am attending a volunteer meeting out of town tomorrow and will be taking the new girl down with me (so that another foster home can take her). One day of chaos is plenty.


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