A bowl of what?

As usual, the kid woke up in a less than joyous mood this morning. We used to ride out the 6:18 tantrum with the resigned assumption that it was unavoidable. But, one day we discovered that if we carry her straight from her bed and lay her on the couch in the living room, where "Blue's Clues" is conveniently playing on the television, the tantrum is much more tolerable. She sleepily gathers the clues while I get her dressed (I've also learned that she is much less likely to protest the ensemble I've chosen when she is not completely conscious). Good ol' Blue's Clues. I always thought it would be kinda funny if Steve/Joe actually failed to figure out the clues and then left the mystery hanging. Then he could go back to it years later, a la "Cold Case." Ohhhhh, Blue wanted to have a finger puppet show! It makes so much sense now!

This morning I got her dressed and then suggested that she pick out a box of cereal from the pantry. Some days I make eggs and the whole shebang, and some days she gets cereal - you got something to say about it?

She rummaged through the pantry and pulled out a bright yellow box. "I want this cereal," she announced.

"That's Bisquick," I told her.

"Yeah, I want it."

"But it's not cereal - it's Bisquick."

She threw herself on the floor, wailing, "But I waaaaaaaant it!" so I opened the box and showed her the powder inside. Half of me wanted to just pour it in a bowl and then add milk - I'm pretty sure that's what my parents would have done. Not one to admit she was mistaken, my little buttercup said nothing, headed back to the pantry, and pulled out a small box of Honey Smacks instead. Remember when they were called Sugar Smacks? Those were the days, huh? They're probably still about 90% sugar but we can't go calling them that, I guess.

So, all's well that ends well. The breakfast debate at our house is somewhat of a moot point anyway. When A gets to school, they feed her breakfast again. She gets "second breakfast" just like a little Hobbit.


Jen said…
Too bad you couldn't have given her that bisquick "cereal" with a Bud Select...ha ha ha
Samantha said…
Too funny! Stevie wants to eat really bizzare stuff for breakfast too.
Mary said…
Well at least you offer your kid some food before day care!!;) When I worked at mine parents would drop off their kids at 6:00 sharp well knowing breakfast isn't served till 8:00, I couldn't do that!! I was a nice teacher though, I would bring in crackers and such and ruin their appetite.... just kidding they were still starved by breakfast! A has a lot to be thankful for, even if she wants Bisquick and subsequently changes her mind.;)

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