Graceful Like Me

We received our first incident/accident report from A's new school on Friday. It was filled out in triplicate and I had to sign it and everything. I wonder if this will . . . GO DOWN ON HER PERMANENT RECORD!

The upshot of it is that she was attempting to sit down in her little chair and have some lunch at the table. She missed the chair, slammed her chin on the table on her way down, bit her tongue, and went into hysterics. She may be adopted, but she sure seems to take after me in the "grace and poise" department.

Needless to say, her tongue bled impressively. According to the report, her teacher cleaned her up and then gave her a freeze pop and some TLC. (The report actually stated that my child received some TLC.)

I signed the report when I picked her up on Friday afternoon and then called her dad on the way home. "We got our first incident report!" I told him. I figured maybe it was one of those landmark parenting moments or something.

I put A on the phone so she could tell him what happened. Now, we were in the van and she was in the back, so I could only hear her half of the conversation.

"Father, I bit my tongue. Miss Angela gave me a freeze pop. It was grape. No, it was GRAPE. Yeah. Father, do you know Miss Angela's name? Do you know her name? Ryla is my friend. She didn't have a freeze pop. We don't have a park. Okay, I'll see you later, father."

She re-told the story later that evening to my mom. The story seems to get a bit more dramatic each time she tells it. Before long, her tongue will have been severed completely and she will have been strapped to a gurney and carted off in an ambulance.

Everything seems to be back to normal now. When I picked her up yesterday I got the usual oral report: she didn't listen today.


Mary said…
Geez, you make me laugh, such a kid you have!;) I never minded doing incident reports if they were minor mishaps but the biting ones were a pain in the butt. I mean first of all we had to do two then, one for the biter and one for the bitie, is that a word?;) Who likes to tell a parent their kid was bit and who like to tell them their kid has bitten. Oh well, I do think it is a move up on the parental ladder when you get that first incident report!!;)

I stumbled across your blog via another friends adoption blog and it sounds like we have a whole lot in common. We are boxer loving people on the adoption path for a human child. We spend A LOT of time volunteering for Blue RIdge Boxer REscue. Lets keep on saving these precious pups! Our blog is

I am also a teacher, and it does not sound like A's incident is one that should stay on her permanent record...I think she is in the clear ;)

Susie said…
Too funny about the incident report. My little princess had one yesterday too--she was crawling and bumped her head on a book case. Her sheet said "applied a cold cloth and lots of TLC"! Hilarious! With all of her drama already I can't wait 'till she can talk to tell the story herself like A. Gotta love these little critters!

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