It's Defective

The kid had her first dental appointment yesterday. The dental hygienist and the dentist both agreed that she was one of the more willing three-year-olds they had seen. I wish I had taken my camera because she looked darned cute sitting there in the big chair getting her spit sucked right out of her.

And then we ran into a little snag. Don't ask me how I have failed to notice this, because I feel like I know every inch of her, but we learned that . . . she has an underbite. Frankly, I'm not sure that I'm prepared to deal with a defect of this magnitude. Dr. Fay assured me that "she just comes this way" (in other words, she was already defective when she left the factory and it has nothing to do with the fact that I let her sleep with a nuk in her mouth for far too long).

So now I have visions of orthodontia and headgear and retainers dancing in my head. There goes my vacation home in the Carolinas. Drat!

I mean, first the birthmark (hemangioma) on her ribcage and now a misaligned jaw? Oy.


Mary said…
Yes, I must write again.... but just to help you not feel so bad! We went through 3 sets of braces and had crappy ins. and also removal of 3 sets of wisdom teeth. Not fun....... certainly could be worse though.;)

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