I need a piece of water

A short nap in the garage, fruit snack still in hand

It's true what they say about kid's uttering "the darndest things."

Yesterday as we left A's dance class at the Y, she started yelling, "But Mama, I need a piece of water!" She had spotted a water fountain and needed a piece of refreshment, I guess.

On the way home, the sun was setting so it was coming into our van at all sorts of odd, irritating angles. I handed the kid her sunglasses.

"Mama, the sun is birking me."

"It's what? Bugging you?"

"No, it's BIRKING me."

"Oh okay, it's birking me, too."

Birking seems as good a word as any other, I suppose.

Is it Friday yet? I need a piece of wine.


Audreee said…
That's clever.
It's like burn and irk combined. She's clearly taking after her brilliant aunt Craggy.

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