Pocket Full of Posies . . . I Mean, Hard Liquor

Boy, sometimes the material just writes itself. My middle sister works in social services for the county in which she lives. Her exact job title is Human Service Worker II, which does leave itself open to interpretation. She either gives bee-jays or she helps people in need obtain government benefits - I always forget which. Anyway, for a staff meeting this week she was asked to report on a new product called Pocket Shots. She asked me if I had heard of them, and alas, I had not. I asked my fellow cubicle dwellers at work, and they were not familiar with them either. Our cluelessness could have something to do with the fact that we are all 30+, married, have young children, are boring, etc. Apparently the teenagers in my state know allllll about the Pocket Shots, however, hence the need for a report from the trenches. My sister and her fellow human service workers need to know what they're dealing with here.

If you check out the website for "Flask on the Fly" you'll notice some impressive marketing tactics there. My favorite quote is this one from the developer of this fine product: “We’re not just selling alcohol, we’re providing a fun and functional way to break out of the bottle that fits with an active and on-the-go lifestyle,” states Bachmann.

So, let's recap, shall we? What do busy people and sports enthusiasts need in their day? Hard liquor. Booze. Hooch. And they don't have time to stop for it either. They need convenient packaging and they need it now! Another page on the site gives you a list of activities during which you might need a Pocket Shot. My favorite entry is: swimming. I see that all the time at my local Y: people stop between laps, down a shot of rum, and keep on backstroking. The name of the product (Pocket Shots) seems to indicate that you keep said product in your, um, pocket. I started to think about where a swimmer might store a shot and my head nearly exploded.

I like to keep my liquor on the up-and-up, thankyouverymuch. None of this surreptitious crap for me. Hiding liquor makes you . . . an alcoholic, doesn't it? It's not even a step up from drinking cheap booze out of a paper bag. C'mon, have a little pride.


Mary said…
That makes me so upset at what they are promoting I wrote the company a letter, not that they care....

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