He's Funny - Semi-Annually

I love my husband to pieces but . . . he's no comedian. He says something genuinely funny about twice a year (coincidentally, I also get to hear "you look nice today" on a semi-annual basis - usually once in the summer and once around Christmastime). Apparently the planets are in alignment today because he made a funny!

We spent the morning at a local amusement park and then headed to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. After we finished eating, the kid demanded to be able to sit in her father's lap. She wiggled and bounced around as he attempted to pay the bill. All that was left to do was for him to sign the receipt, but she was making it difficult. Finally he said, "Hold still, I have to color." This is how your brain works when you have a two-year-old.

The funniest thing he ever said was completely unintentional on his part. A few years ago we had a small stereo system with a three-CD changer. One day it simply began refusing to play CDs. P dutifully spread out some newspaper and grabbed some tools. He then took the stereo apart. He blew into various crevices and tapped a few things here and there. Then he put it back together. And then he said this: "It just needs to rest."

Who knew that electrical appliances needed to rest? This was a new one on me. I called everyone I knew and repeated the story so that we could all get a hearty chuckle out of it. To this day no one has forgotten about it. I was complaining to a friend last week that our AC went out (followed by a day in which our town broke a 100+ year old heat record). She immediated busted out with: "It probably just needs to rest."

Our poor, overworked appliances just need some R&R, I guess. Our toaster parties like a big dog and then checks himself into rehab for "exhaustion." He just likes the drama, you know.

While our appliances are catching some shut-eye, other stuff around our house continues to decline, too. The sliding glass door that leads to the deck out back is in dire straits. The lock kinda worked until DH "fixed it" and now it doesn't work at all. So we have to put a pole in the door, which the kids swings at the dogs every chance she gets. I have mentioned that we need to replace the door and out comes his other classic line: "It'll just get that way again." We can't replace anything or fix anything because . . . "it'll just get that way again."

My mother did warn me about this ("Marry a handyman," she advised.). My dad is the same way. I remember when I was a kid that if an electrical outlet stopped working, you just grabbed an extension cord and plugged stuff into a different outlet. Repairing the non-functioning outlet was simply out of the question. And besides, it would just get that way again.


Drasch23 said…
This also makes me think of the time he said "Okay here's the situation..." and looked suprised when you and I broke it down to The Fresh Prince. What-ev-er.

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