Did You Get My Llamada?

Our Caller ID has started displaying in Spanish. We have no idea why. Our Caller Id is a separate box that sits on our kitchen counter (we don't have one of them new-fangled phones that displays Caller ID, ya'll). Yesterday it started telling me that I had 9 Llamadas. P says that the kid must have pressed too many buttons and somehow switched the language. I dunno - I mean, the thing only has three buttons. But, who knows. I took French for something like 7 years and don't know any Spanish at all, but I feel pretty confident that I can figure out what my Caller ID is trying to tell me nonetheless.

This little episode did bring a little thought into my mind, though. Why would Caller ID ever need to display in a different language? At least not in the U.S., right? If I lived in Germany I would expect my Caller ID to display in German. Fine. Now, I am not one of these people who beats a drum saying, "If you live in this country you'd better speak the language." But it doesn't seem like it would be too taxing to learn to read a Caller ID. One time I was in a store and the word "Sale" was translated. Now, I can tell you without hesitation that if I lived in a non-English speaking country, the very first word I would learn would be SALE. Trust me on that one. I am a girl what loves a sale.

The other noteworthy event that happened yesterday is that the kid finally learned to do a somersault, after 9 months of gymnastics classes. I made her do it at least a dozen times to prove it wasn't a fluke.

On the way to her Tumble Bugs class, I started singing in the car. This is what I heard from the backseat: "No singing, Mama. Drive." I knew I was no songbird but I didn't think a two-year-old would know it. :::SIGH::: Sadly, my singing skills (or lack thereof) are genetic. No one in my family can sing. We can't even make it through "Happy Birthday to you" in tune. It's tragic, because we all love music. So, do you want to know what I was singing? I was singing that *%$#ing "Electric Slide." It has been stuck in my head since the wedding on Saturday. I am thinking of suing, but I'm not sure whether I should sue the bride and groom or the deejay.


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