Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Foster Dog

You know what's weird?  I've been fostering dogs for so many years (over 14) that when I don't have one, I actually miss it. After Kaiser and Mr. Bates both got adopted a couple months ago, I was happy to have a few weeks with my own dogs.  Then, after a while, I started feeling like something was missing. However, the rescue was just entering an unusual quiet period and we didn't have any males on the waiting list.  I can't take any dog with a vagina because, well, Gretchen would order an immediate execution (and then carry it out herself).

We were contacted a few days ago by a local Pit Bull rescue that had taken in a nine-month-old male Boxer. I said I would take him. What can I say? I guess I've just been missing being a part of those happy endings. I like helping the non-humans in my own small way, I suppose. Originally, Diesel had been living with a mom and several children and apparently that mom was unprepared for the exuberance of a young Boxer. A volunteer from the bully rescue has had him for a month or so and has been working with him.  Diesel is, as far as anyone knows, deaf. It's tempting to see if we can have someone run a BAER test on him to confirm. It's just very, very unusual for a non-white Boxer to be fully deaf. It would be interesting to know if any sound, at any frequency/pitch/whatever gets through. I'm going to go with the fully deaf theory, though. I just whistled to him from the other room.  My dogs came and he did not.

He is cute as can be, though, and I can already tell that he's a very nice dog.  The bully rescue knew that we (Boxer Rescue) are used to crazy young Boxers and might have more luck/resources as far as taking care of him and finding a new home for him. 

So, here you have it. The new chaos in my life:

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