I need to be committed

I stepped on the scale this morning. It was not good news. I even resorted to stripping off my pajamas and taking off my glasses to see if that would help. Short of blowing my nose, I had nothing else to get rid of.

It seems I have fallen off the wagon. Not only did I fall off the wagon, I think the wagon backed up and ran over me a few times. I've been eating too much and I had hoped that the fat cells in my ass wouldn't notice. But alas, they did.

So, I am recommiting myself to the Weight Watchers program today. Maybe if I say it out loud, so to speak, I can hold myself accountable. I'm going to head back to the meetings and get rid of this extra weight (I haven't weighed in since early August). I'm going to get back to my goal weight by the time Short Stuff and I leave for our Thanksgiving trip to VA.

I started WW in September of 2005, when the kid was just four months old. I became a lifetime member in December of 2006.

Unlike most moms who lose pregnancy weight while on maternity leave, I actually packed on several pounds. I don't mind telling you that adoption is super stressful. For two weeks after my daughter's birth, her birthmother still had the legal right to change her mind. Terrified, I consoled myself by eating - a lot. I had also gained weight over the course of four miscarriages. Angry that my body doesn't work the way it's supposed to, I decided not to bother with taking care of it. But once the kid came along I realized that I need to eat right in order to be a good mom to her. I plan to do a lot of things to embarrass her as she grows up, but I don't want my appearance to be one of those things. We really need to start eating better around here, but it's tough with a two-year-old who wants ice cream for breakfast.

So, I'll be counting points today (and every day), getting more exercise, and I'm hoping to get through the holidays in one piece (a smaller piece, in theory). Wish me luck!


Mary said…
Good for you to stay with it, would you commit me too??=)

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