Tattoo Two

I spent my afternoon having a needle jabbed repeatedly into my calf. You know, as one does. I practiced my yoga breathing as well as I could. I listened to music. I screwed around on Facebook. I read news headlines, and thought about what my new life in Canada will be like if Trump gets elected. I thought about my Giddy. I tried not to get lost in the physical discomfort, because it's easy to do that. At times I thought, "Have I died? Walk towards the light, Claudia!" Finally, three hours later, I had what I wanted.

The tattoo honors three things that are important to me:  my love for my Giddy, my love of dogs in general, and my 15 years of rescue work.  The outline is Gideon's head - the artist split it down the middle and then duplicated it for symmetry.

Anyway, here 'tis.  The colors are a bit off because my, um, blood is mixed in.  But once my leg heals, the colors will be fine. I haven't decided if I want her to fill in the open spaces or just leave them.  We decided to leave them for now.

Ta da!


The Lovely One said…
Love it. Such a nice way to remember him, and to show what you are passionate about.
radioactivegan said…
That is a beautiful tribute! I hope you really love it!
Sarah said…
Awwww! Another beautiful and truly meaningful tattoo. Love it!

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