The Performer

My daughter had her first choir concert last Saturday. She is part of a city choir that is comprised of four separate choirs. There are two training choirs (beginner and advanced) and two upper-level touring choirs for older girls. Singers must audition to get into the touring choirs.  My daughter is in the advanced training choir. I'm very happy for her to have this opportunity because she receives formal voice instruction. With public school music programs being what they are (her music teacher services two schools and is spread pretty thin), I don't think she is able to get a lot voice instruction at school.

I always thought my daughter had a pretty good singing voice, but it was hard for me to tell because I am basically tone deaf. As much as I love music, I can't sing at all. Not even a tiny bit.  So, it's been nice to get some confirmation that she really can sing. With more instruction and practice, I think she might even be awesome at it.

The concert was held at a large Catholic parish and included all four choirs. A few weeks before, my daughter came home from choir practice with a note saying that moms could sing with the choir during the last song (Silent Night) of the concert. I think she understood when I explained that me singing would not be a good thing for the show. So, I was content to sit in a pew with my other half and listen to the concert from start to finish. It was really beautiful. Plus, I was so proud of my baby.

Tomorrow morning, she'll be singing (with the choir) on a local radio station as part of a Toys for Tots event at the mall.  Next week, she has a solo in her school's concert.

She can't get up on time and she can't get dressed on time, and she generally just doesn't do what she's told, but she can sing!  Here she is practicing for her solo:

Do you want to build a snowman? 


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